As Publisher – get a big picture!


Well… It is our original idea to change a world of books and readers – we want to extend it using modern technologies.

In short words: we can develop mobile app for each of your books. Then, you can deliver it to the readers with sold book.

A content of the mobile app is up to you unless you wish us to analyze the book and propose a strategy. It can include:

  • reminders to the users about keys topic, golden idea, time for next reading,
  • excercises related to read content e.g. to put some words, ask the questions, make and write a resolutions,
  • proposals of next book positions from your publishing house,
  • kind of social connections between other readers to share idea and enjoying,
  • videos helping in understanding the matter,
  • drafts of the books and process of their creation,
  • everything you want…Ok, right – almost everything 🙂

A shape of the app depends on you. It can be one per book or one for all of your positions

Shape of co-operation

In this business words are important so we focus on well understanding each other and then…work, work and work. The best – regular iterations and deliveries to follow your needs.

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