Mobile apps for publishing companies

Mobile apps for publishing companies

Your books delivered with dedicated apps

In brief

We would like to increase an attractiveness of your books and a focus of your readers on them. Mobile apps can change relation between the reader and the book’s content in kind of emotional and intelectual adventure. They also can raise a sale of other titles released by your publishing company. Please take a look how it works. Features in a few words:

  • reminders to the users about keys topic, golden idea, time for next reading,
  • excercises related to read content e.g. to put some words, ask the questions, make and write a resolutions,
  • proposals of next book positions from your publishing house,
  • kind of social connections between other readers to share idea and enjoying,
  • videos helping in understanding the matter,
  • drafts of the books and process of their creation,
  • everything you want…Ok, right – almost everything 🙂
Your reader buys your book
Everything is as usual - the readers buy your book but additionally there is a mobile application included, dedicated to that one specific reader. It...
and gets mobile app with it.
For free - he or she downloads it for smartphone or tablet. Yes - the downloaded book always lives but thanks to mobile app with...
The app is related to the book’s content.
It helps readers to practise, focus, entertaining and...more... It is a kind of extension for your book. It makes relation between the reader and the...
As Publisher – get a big picture!
Find more information here what we offer.

Our team & contact

Probably you are wondering who we are and whether you can trust us…
We have been acted in IT area for 5 years and now we have a happiness to work for the greatest world’s companies: Google and Aptiv. Sebastian is a tester and I am, i.e. Piotr, software developer of systems for modern, autonomous cars. This is our base.

However it is not enough for us – we have heads full of ideas and enthusiasm to create new things. We also develop mobile apps. Not like a factory – we try to spread out our original visions for apps that can improve a world a little bit. Thanks to this approach, we still enjoy!

The highest world’s standards we met in our companies, we want to use with co-operation with you. Take a look at our Linkedin profiles and please contact us: